Private lessons are the core of our school program. Our teachers are passionate about music education - they focus on strengthening each student’s foundation of music theory, note & rhythm reading and ear training, while working on repertoire that is inspiring and fun for each student. We are always looking to build on the initial excitement that each student experiences when starting to learn an instrument.

Our school provides a dynamic, friendly learning environment where students feel they are truly a part of an established community. This dynamic community is paramount, and something that clearly sets us apart from other music schools.

Our current lesson pricing: $188/month for four 30 minute lessons, $282/month for four 45 minute lessons & $376/month for four 60 minute lessons.

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Our student bands are held in high esteem in the surrounding communities, which is a testament to our exclusive integrated lesson/band system. Bands are guided as they choose and rehearse songs from a wide range of styles and genres. Working with peers in a group setting supports the development of collaborative musical skills, an essential aspect of musicianship that students may not have the chance to cultivate through private lessons alone. By combining this with the individualized attention received in private lessons, they get a well-rounded experience that provides the essential tools for performers in any genre. Within this integrated system, we see students progressing at a dramatically faster rate.

We guarantee class sizes of 3 to 5 students, and each group is coached by one faculty member. This allows for maximum personal attention given to each student. Students in this program have access to many diverse performance opportunities, from gigs in the surrounding communities to our two yearly festival weekends during which every student band presents their songs to a packed audience of family and friends. Students accepted into the band program are required to take 45-minute lessons on their primary instrument. Students who sing and play an instrument in band will be required to take 45 minutes on their primary instrument as well as 30 minutes on their secondary instrument. Students recommended by their teachers will be invited to audition for the MMM band program director, and acceptance into the program is contingent on their audition.

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The Solo Artist Program is a very unique program and exclusive to our school. It is designed to give students who take both voice and instrumental lessons the opportunity and additional tools they need to combine both disciplines. This is one of the most valuable skills a musician can possess, and we believe that no student is too young to begin mastering this ability. While we put a lot of emphasis on the importance of playing music in a group environment, the ability to perform independently as a solo artist is a very special gift that our students will carry with them throughout their lives.

Students in the Solo Artist Program perform twice annually, at the acclaimed Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. Having the opportunity to play in one of the city’s most well-known venues for acoustic music is yet another advantage we are proud to provide to our students. Leading up to each show, students work directly with our experienced faculty members to choose and arrange songs from the catalog of a predetermined artist such as Sting, Paul Simon or The Beatles. Focusing on one artist for every show provides a common ground for teaching song-form and style, but inevitably each student brings their own unique personality and artistry to the material.

The goal for each student is to not only master the vocal and instrumental components of each song, but to build a skill-set that allows them to step onto one of New York City’s important stages with confidence and emotionally connect to the audience. The end result is a compelling performance for family and friends, widely acknowledged as one of the most intimate and magical events of the year.

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For intermediate/advanced students interested in going deeper into jazz improvisation techniques, this program is the perfect place to take things to the next level. Rehearsals focus on jazz theory and improvisational methods, and our small class size provides an ideal forum for students to experiment with improvising as part of a group.

The program is led by talented faculty members who come from some of the top jazz schools in the country, and the repertoire they present is hand-picked to build on the unique history and interests of each band member. The curriculum includes listening/transcription assignments and studying/soloing over the various blues forms, and introduces fundamental jazz theory concepts.

Throughout the year there are many performance opportunities for the students in this program, including local gigs and special appearances in our band festival weekends. Acceptance is by teacher recommendation only.

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05: OUR Little M's PROGRAM

Since 2003, we have proudly offered private lessons and ensembles, focusing on students ages six and up. This has been the core of our program since we first opened our doors. But we are excited to announce a brand new phase of the MMM experience called Little M’s (for Little MMM Musicians!), developed specifically for ages five to six!

Through the years, countless families have asked us how to bridge the gap between early childhood music classes and private lessons, especially when it comes to learning the guitar. Because of the technical challenges associated with the instrument, we have traditionally recommended waiting until age six or even seven to make sure the child’s first experience in lessons was a resoundingly positive one.

In response to the guitar gap dilemma, we are happy to finally present an answer: The Loog! The Loog is going to be a huge step forward into an area of music education that is currently missing in our community.

Loog guitars are beautiful, finely-crafted instruments that have a very special feature - they only have three strings, rather than the six you’d normally find on a standard guitar. This is the key element that allows young students to comfortably hold the instrument. Child-sized guitars tend to be poorly made, and since they have all six strings the necks tend be too wide for little fingers.

The three strings on the Loog use the same tuning as the top three strings on a normal guitar, which makes the transition extremely easy when students are ready to graduate to the real thing. The skills and finger dexterity that students develop on the Loog will directly transfer to a full-sized guitar when they are ready to make the switch.

Make no mistake, the Loog is a real instrument that sounds amazing! Nothing like the toys you typically find for small children. On a Loog, young students can play real chords and melodies just as they would on a full-sized guitar, minus the frustration of dealing with 6 strings. Very quickly, a young Loog student will be playing and singing their favorite songs.

People sometimes ask about using a ukulele as a stepping stone towards playing a guitar. Ukuleles are wonderful in their own way, but actually have much less in common with a guitar. Ukuleles have their own unique tuning which does not translate easily to a guitar, as well as their own strings and their own distinct sound. Loog guitars, on the other hand, are designed to be the perfect starting point for young children who love the feel and sound of a real guitar.

Loog lessons will be our first offering for students ages four to six, led by Mark and the rest of our amazing guitar faculty. Lessons will be conducted in both small group and private lesson settings, offering a great way for parents to connect with their son or daughter and have a blast!

We are thrilled to start expanding our program to the young musicians in South Orange and Maplewood who are itching to get started. This is just the beginning of our Little M’s program - stay tuned as we unveil programs for other instruments as well!