We know you're busy, so here's a short and helpful list highlighting all the things that set us apart from the rest. Find out why, after 15 years, we are still the fastest growing music school in the area.

01. We have been an Owner-Operated Music School for over a decade, with a culture and methodology that is truly unique. We are neither a chain nor a franchise.

02. The school's faculty is comprised entirely of world-class musicians from the country's top music schools.

03. Our teaching philosophy is to balance creativity with fundamentals for an unparalleled music education.

04. We are a vibrant music community that is home to some of the area's top
young aspiring musicians.

05. All of our students have opportunities to perform, including year-end recitals, band gigs and local events.

06. Our exclusive Rock/Pop Band Program is highly regarded in the community.

07. Students in our Jazz Improv and Singer/Songwriter Programs, perform in some of the top venues in New Jersey and New York City.

08. Our exclusive Guest Artist Series is unmatched.

09. The beautiful studio space is the ideal environment for learning and creativity.

10. We are open 6 days a week and offer flexible monthly payment options.



We believe there are key standards that every music school must incorporate into their program. We encourage prospective students and parents to use this list as a tool to help in choosing an appropriate program. We guarantee that our studio incorporates every one of these attributes, and challenge you to find another local studio that can say the same!  


Many studios focus on product, rather than process. They teach by imitation alone. In our experience, this can be detrimental to a beginning student’s skills. If students are not taught the fundamentals of music from the very beginning - including theory, rhythm, note-reading and ear-training - they will soon discover they are dependent on their teacher to learn new material. When those students leave their lessons they may be able to play a handful of songs from memory, but will not have gained the skills necessary to proceed without this crutch. Their initial excitement about learning music will turn into frustration.

A studio that considers the best interests of the student will split the lesson time evenly between solidifying this foundation of music theory, and teaching the student to play inspiring music that is within their grasp. Music is a language. With careful attention to learning its mechanics, a student will gain momentum on their own, and begin to realize his or her full potential.


It is of the utmost importance to select a teacher who holds a degree from a credible music school. We also believe that instructors should be actively studying and perfecting their craft. They should be aware of current trends in music, and possess the knowledge of diverse historical and traditional styles and influences. A skilled, experienced teacher has patience to guide and encourage their student towards a solid musical foundation. They will help their student become a well-rounded, disciplined musician who can grow in any direction.


Teachers should be held accountable to meet the standards of the school where they are employed. In our experience, this can only be accomplished when teachers are faculty, and not simply freelancers using someone else’s school space, as is often the case. In the industry, many schools pay their teachers as independent contractors and not as W2 employees. The distinction is a critical one, because schools in this position have no oversight over lesson quality or content. We decided a long time ago that in order to provide our students with the best possible educational experience, our teachers needed to be integrated faculty members. Shifting our teachers from 1099 contractors to W2 employees not only enables us to guarantee consistency & quality, but demonstrates a level of commitment to our teachers, inspiring them to work towards the greater benefit of our students. They have the freedom to teach according to their own strengths and experiences, while working within a framework tested to meet the needs of each individual student. We firmly believe that this provides the best environment for our faculty and the strongest results for our students.


Becoming a performer is an essential part of a musician’s training. Although it can be intimidating at first, when students are given a safe and supportive place to start, their sense of accomplishment can be enormous. Students should be given the opportunity to perform both on their own and as part of an ensemble. Playing with their peers teaches students to listen and cooperate, and allows them to develop the accountability and trust, essential to any ensemble. 

The friendly competition that arises out of solo recitals and group performances is undeniably a great motivational tool, and it challenges students to track their own progress from year to year. Most importantly, performances are the best way for students to see the results of their work, and to feel proud of their effort and personal achievements.


Exposure to pro-musicians can be a great motivation, showing students how far hard work and dedication can take them. We are lucky to live in close proximity to NYC, home to the world’s finest musicians. Any serious institution will take full advantage of this tremendous resource, by providing their students access to the inspiring musicians who work right in their own backyard.